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INTRODUCING SiKC (Staten Island Karting Club)

Home of only PASSIONATE RACING ENTHUSIASTS, SiKc members enjoy club racing at the most competitive level; our Motto, RACING IS LIFE (as Enzo Ferrari always said), expresses the passion behind each member. Since 2004, SiKc has been a gathering of friends and family members competing together at their highest possible abilities. We compete both indoors and outdoors in the New York and New Jersey area and we mature raw talent with quality coaching, primal workout, and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship are the hallmarks of SiKc. Subscribe to receive SiKc's email updates to ensure you don't miss our upcoming races and to become a part of our team!

Anthony Figuccio, the owner and founder of SiKc, was born in Sicily, Italy to a father who worked in the Wolfsburg Germany VW assembly line; this career was the foundation of Anthony’s passion for wheels, gears, and the world of motorsports.  


Now a father himself, Figuccio uses the discipline he has acquired from raising his own son along with the skills needed through his profession in the restaurant/dining industry to be mentally tough on track. Figuccio isn’t afraid to admit that racing is second to only religion in Italy and the passion, excitement, and adrenaline of racing is what drives him. Along with this, the smiles and happiness shared after a race with friends is completely and utterly priceless.

“Simply put I, Anthony Figuccio, am here for all of you to share the passions and thrills of racing at many of our local/distant tracks and wish to do so for many years while competing as one.”

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